The 15 Year Ilitch

21 Jul 2014

Today, Olympia Development, the Ilitch's real estate company, unveiled its $650 million dollar vision for the new Arena District. While the plan is nothing new; the flood of press surrounding the tasteful watercolors and 3D renderings also brought with it a healthy reminder about how money, politics, and urban development plays out in the long run.

[2]: Hodges, Michael H. (September 8, 2003). "Fox Theater's rebirth ushered in city's renewal". The Detroit News ( Michigan History). Retrieved August 14, 2012.

Real Estate Economics in Detroit

24 May 2014

I've been looking to buy a house in the Detroit recently. It's been a fun search: stalking houses on various real-estate sites, google maps, and in person. There seems to be a peculiar mix of investment properties, foreclosures, and flipped houses. By all metrics, it's definitely a hot market for investment, which in some cases can be a good and bad thing at the same time. There's legitimate concern and evidence of the occurrence of gentrification in many neighborhoods here in the city; the fight for an equal-housing downtown is all but lost to the likes of Bedrock Real Estate, and Southwest Neighborhoods are feeling the flow of new residents to the city who have been priced out of Corktown and Midtown. Even in my neighborhood, Woodbridge (a neighborhood that has always been fairly diverse for decades), is starting to see long-term residents be pushed out as rent prices rise and property managers like Larry John of fame and Dr.Seuss-themed houses begin to see returns on investment.

10 Things I Learned About Freelancing

24 May 2014

When I was starting to freelancing, I really would have loved to have a guide to navigating client work, so I figured it would be appropriate to share some lessons that I’ve learned so people can avoid or mitigate some of the big pitfalls that happened to me. This is really intended for anyone who is self-employed and doing freelance work, not just designers.